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At Darpan, We welcome all the parents, professionals, volunteers, doctors who are attached in the field of autism and other disability to empower people with autism to participate in life and mainstream institutions to the best of their abilities.

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DARPAN is a registered non profit non government organization (NGO) is the first initiative taken by few noble souls to start services for the children having autism and their families in north India. This was a brain child of a speech therapist, consultant of Deep hospital model town, Ludhiana. it is started in 2005 April with the help of some doctors, parents and volunteer.Vision: every individual is unique and can contribute to the society in a meaningful way, if given right input at right time. 
We are helping in a small way for special children. We welcome all the parents, professionals , volunteers, doctors who attached in the field of autism and other disability. We are here to direct the parents suffering from different diagnosed to the proper way .Darpan is running a special school where the special needs of each and every child with autism are taken care by a team of dedicated teachers and therapists. 

Different techniques are used to help these children learn social and communication skills to facilitate their movement into mainstream society. We also offer other disability services. We have special arrangements for school going slow learner students.

Parent training programs- number of parent teacher interactions are organized with the motive of helping parents to handle their children with autism at home in a better way.

The Autism Awareness Tree is always growing;

you can water it if you choose to be understanding



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2819, Pakhowal Rd, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001