Rajvinder Kaur Sidhu, Mother of Aaryan Sidhu

My son had delayed speech in 2013. So in May 2015, we started his speech therapy at Darpan where he has improved many activities and academics also. I still remember when Aaaryan was not able to speak many words. But now when I see him, there is a huge difference. It has all been possible because of Niranjan Sir’s efforts. Now I can proudly say that Aaryan has no problems regarding speech. In Ludhiana. Darpan school is the best and the staff here is very hardworking and they make children feel like family. I was very glad when Aaryan was selected in a good school by his own efforts. So it really is a big thing. Finally, I want to say, a thank you is not enough for what Mr Niranjan and his team have done. Huge blessings and a big thanks to Darpan.

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